Teaching and Learning

"The curriculum is well planned and subjects are closely integrated into exciting activities and events that stimulate pupils’ interests and foster a respect for the environment. All pupils have some lessons outdoors every week where they can apply skills learned in mathematics, English, science and geography.
"Assessment information and pupils’ work books show that the most able pupils make very strong progress across the school and within lessons. The work they are given is challenging and often individually planned. This is particularly true in mathematics, where pupils are given opportunities to enter national challenges."
Ofsted report, July 2016. Rated Good.
Classes & Teaching

We have three mixed age classes at St Kew. The multi-age classroom environment provides many benefits to the children, including allowing children to mix with pupils outside of their own year group. Our teachers plan their lessons across the age ranges in their class, and the mix of ages allows each pupil to work at the most appropriate level for their ability. 


Termly themes are used to stimulate our pupil's imaginations, with core subjects linked in, making learning relevant and fun.  At the start of every term, parents and carers are provided with information on that term's theme and how each core subject links into it. Themes are planned to rotate every 3 years to avoid repetition for pupils.

Phonics, reading and spelling

In Reception/Year 1 we base our phonics learning on the Letters and Sounds scheme to help children master the basics through the phases, giving them a solid start to their development in reading.

Weekly spelling tests and tasks encourage children to learn strings and spelling patterns rather than a list of words, which we then encourage them to use in their writing, including in topic work.  Support from home in learning spelling strings and reading regularly (daily if possible) is greatly appreciated.


For maths, we use a variety of resources, including the Singapore Maths approach which aims at giving children the understanding of how to apply mathematical knowledge.  So, yes the children do learn their multiplication tables, and then we help them learn how to apply them!

Please see the links to the left for more information on the National Curriculum and a Parent's Guide to understanding National Curriculum levels.

Extra-Curricular Activities

To supplement our classroom-based learning, we pride ourselves at St Kew School on offering a wide variety of extra-curricular experiences for the children to enjoy. These include guest speakers, outside experts, theatre, music, creative arts activities and educational visits. 

Over the last year, the children have visited The Hall for Corwall, the Royal Cornwall Showground, Sterts theatre, Plymouth Aquarium, the Minack Theatre, a local farm and residential trips to London and the Isles of Scilly (Ys 4/5/6).

In addition, each class receives dedicated Music lessons, expert sports coaching and a wide range of outdoor learning including gardening and forest school. 

Foe more details on After Schools Clubs, Outdoor Learning and Music provision, please see the links on the left.


We are committed to ensuring that our children have access to the latest IT technologies to support their learning at St Kew, and have just invested in a new suite of iPads and interactive whiteboards for the school. We operate a Virtual Learning Environment that allows children, staff and puplis to communicate, complete homework assignments and stay up-to-date with all the latest school news and events.

We have just started our own radio station, and the children will be uploading interviews and other pieces for you to hear. Click on the link to our radio web site to find out more.