Class 1

Welcome to Class 1!
We are the Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children at St Kew School and our teachers are Mrs Rachel Murray, Mrs Laura Burnard, Mrs Paula Clutsom and Miss Jen Edwards.
  • Laura Burnard

    Teaching Assistant

  • Paula Clutsom

    Higher Level Teaching Assistant

  • Jen Edwards

    Class 1 Cover Teacher

    Miss Edwards teaches Class 1 when Mrs Murray has her Leadership and Management time.

Our Topic Learning
(June to July)
Party Planners!
In this topic we will be looking at the variety of food and how we can identify if it is healthy or not.  To start the topic, we will be sorting foods into groups to show what knowledge we have already!
We will be looking at food groups and where different foods come from.  Our role play will begin with a tea room and will move into a fruit and vegetable shop, after making clay fruits and vegetables to sell in it!
Check out the items below to find out more about some of the things that we have been learning (bits added when we have used them in class).  Ask your child to tell you something they have been learning about.
Our Learning this week
(Week Ending 23.06.17)
In our English sessions this week we have been thinking about stories and what happens next in them. We used a story start that Mrs Murray gave us about a Princess called Sofia to plan and write the rest of the story. It was great fun - you can imagine the beautiful dresses and blood and guts that appeared in some of them: we won't tell you who wrote what though!
Our maths lessons this week have once again focused on us showing off many different skills that we have learnt over the year - we really focused on money totals and change this week and so we can now do your shopping for you if you would like? We have looked at adding coins and subtracting to find the change from a given amount, solved money problems and even had a treasure hunt outside!
We thoroughly enjoyed the trip to the Minack Theatre on Friday with lunch on the beach. We didn't know the story before we went but we listened hard and now know what happened to the poor Emperor: we hope we don't ever get tricked into wearing no clothes! Mrs Murray said we were some of the 'best behaved' children at the theatre: we know she means the rest of the school too but we like to think Class 1 were the best!
Many of us are now filling up our YELLOW reading reward card and are getting excited about being invited to the tea party on Wednesday 5th July. Please continue to help us to get our rewards by ensuring you write in the HOME space in each reading record on the days that we have read. Many thanks.
We have left the Lotto/Bingo games in the left hand column of this page where we put resources to help learning at home. Please do continue to try these out with your child. Have lots of fun playing!!!
O'clock - Reception & Year 1 children
O'clock & Half Past - Year 1 children
O'clock, half past, quarter past and to - Year 2 children (Y1 can try if confident)
5 Minutes bingo - Year 2 children