Class 3

Welcome to Class 3!
We are the Year 5 and Year 6 children at St Kew School and our teachers are Mr Steve Osborne and Mrs Lindsey Mitchell.
  • Lindsey Mitchell

    Teaching Assistant

If children play musical instruments there may be opportunities to use them in the workshop tomorrow. If they would like to use them please bring them in.
Our Topic Learning
(Summer 2)
This term we will be having a Science focus in our topics. In the first topic we learnt about evolution, adaption and inheritance. This included Darwin's work on finches and other creatures on the Galapagos Islands. 
This half term we will be studying the wider universe. We will learn about our solar system and what future missions will need to do in order to survive. The topic will provide the stimulus for our writing, which will begin with science fiction stories. 
Our Learning this week
(Week Ending 26.7.17)
 A short week but a memorable one, especially for the Year 6 children. 
The end of a term, the end of the year and for Year 6 the end of their time at St Kew.
It has been a fantastic year with lots of highlights, lots of hard work and lots of fun.
Year 6 we will miss you and wish you luck next year at Wadebridge. I am sure you will be as much of  credit to them as you have been to us.
Year 5 well done for a fantastic year. Have a well earned rest and keep yourselves safe. I look forward to September and what I am sure will be another action packed year.
The children enjoyed all of the activities and as always were brilliantly behaved. It was a pleasure to see them working and playing in such a brilliant spirit.