Class 2

Welcome to Class 2!
We are the Year 3 and Year 4 children at St Kew School and our teachers are Mrs Tracey Watson, Miss Marie Osborne and Mrs Paula Clutsom.
  • Marie Osborne

    Teaching Assistant

  • Paula Clutsom

    Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Our Topic Learning
(June - July)
'What happens inside us?'
In this half term's topic we will begin by looking at the effect that exercise has on our bodies. We will initially look at the heart and pulse. Children will then learn about the body's organs, skin, skeleton, muscles, digestive system and teeth. They will be learning about Captain Cook and scurvy, the life and works of significant scientists and the history of potatoes and bees. They will also find out about where some of our food comes from and learn more about diffferent food groups and healthy eating. During literacy lessons pupils will be looking at how to write diary entries based on their own personal experiences and imagined ones in a historical context. They will write their own stories, produce fact books and continue to learn spelling patterns and the other grammar and punctuation rules of the english language. In maths we will be learning more about fractions and decimals, money, time geometry and measures. The children will be applying their understanding of maths to solve problems of increasing difficulty. We will also continue to practise and assess pupils knowledge and quick recall of number bonds and times table facts.
Our Learning this week
(Week Ending 23/6/17)
Class 2 have coped incredibly well with the higher than usual temperatures this week. We have at times relocated to shady spots around the school and they have shown fantastic learning with a really responsible attitude. Well done!
Their excellent behaviour was also on display when we had a wonderful end to our week when visiting The Minack Theatre. It is always a special visit and we particularly enjoyed the story of 'The Emperor's New Clothes' this year. It is one of Hans Christian Andersen's stories which the fantastic theatre company Illyria adapted for the stage. In our literacy lessons this week the children have been learning a version of the story, so we will be doing some comparing of the two next week.
In maths the children have been either working on solving word problems with fractions or learning about Roman Numerals to 100 and other number systems.
The children were particularly creative in their topic groups this week. Each group decided to represent the digestive system in 4 completely different ways, from models to songs and even some funky dance moves! Again really well done.
Homework was set on Thursday which pupils should have brought home in their book bags. The pupils have a list of 10 spellings which they will need to practise and write a sentence for. These are the words that they will be tested on next Friday. They also have a maths sheet reviewing their understanding of  Roman Numerals or a grid for them to practise their times tables with. As homework was collected and handed out on the same day, I didn't have time to mark everybody's work, but will catch up next week.
Keep up the fantastic reading class 2. Remember the tea party is happening very soon!
Also well done to Shanon and Nathan who performed brilliantly at the rounders festival at Wadebridge on Thursday after school. 
Hope you all have a lovely weekend.