Class 2

Welcome to Class 2!
We are the Year 3 and Year 4 children at St Kew School and our teachers are Mrs Tracey Watson, Miss Marie Osborne and Mrs Paula Clutsom.
  • Marie Osborne

    Teaching Assistant

  • Paula Clutsom

    Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Our Topic Learning
(June - July)
'What happens inside us?'
In this half term's topic we will begin by looking at the effect that exercise has on our bodies. We will initially look at the heart and pulse. Children will then learn about the body's organs, skin, skeleton, muscles, digestive system and teeth. They will be learning about Captain Cook and scurvy, the life and works of significant scientists and the history of potatoes and bees. They will also find out about where some of our food comes from and learn more about diffferent food groups and healthy eating. During literacy lessons pupils will be looking at how to write diary entries based on their own personal experiences and imagined ones in a historical context. They will write their own stories, produce fact books and continue to learn spelling patterns and the other grammar and punctuation rules of the english language. In maths we will be learning more about fractions and decimals, money, time geometry and measures. The children will be applying their understanding of maths to solve problems of increasing difficulty. We will also continue to practise and assess pupils knowledge and quick recall of number bonds and times table facts.
Our Learning this week
(Week Ending 21/7/17)
Well done Class 2 for another fantastic  week.
In literacy this week the children have written some imaginative story innovations based on 'The Emperor's New Clothes'. They have produced some lovely best copies.
In maths lessons this week  all of the children have been focusing on geometry. The year 3's have been comparing angles including right angles and have been using them to make turns. The year 4's have also compared angles, classified triangles and quadrilaterals and explored symmetry. They have really challenged themselves with their designs today. Well done!
The children have been looking at teeth this week and the importance of keeping them healthy. They also produced some super power points by working together in pairs.
There are no homework tasks set for the weekend but keep reading everyone.
I have said to the children that if they have an instrument that they play they can bring them into school on Monday, if they have permission from an adult at home. I have arranged for some drama and music workshops and they may be able to use their instruments as part of the workshops. They will also need to bring to school 2 or 3  strong carrier bags for all of their books that they will be bringing home on Monday.
On Tuesday  the children can also bring a game to school if they have permission from home.
Have a lovely weekend and I may see some of you at St. James' fete tomorrow afternoon.