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What is SEN and who supports SEN?

What is SEN?
SEN – stands for Special Educational Needs. These needs may be very broad, varying from difficulties in literacy to diagnosed conditions. At St Columb Minor Academy we have children with a variety of needs and we support them successfully. We do this in a variety of ways including extra adult support during lessons, extra time to learn the skills needed to make progress, with either the class teaching assistant or in focused out of class groups. We also ask for and encourage support from outside agencies like physiotherapists, Speech and Language therapists, the educational psychologist and county advisors for physical disabilities.

Who is the SEN co-ordinator?
Miss Tamsin Irons is the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) for St Kew ACE Academy. The SENCO’s job, alongside your child’s class teacher and a team of TA’s, is to co-ordinate the extra help they may need both in and outside of school. 


If you would like to email Tamsin Irons then please use this address: