EDEN trip tomorrow! School uniform, packed lunch and please arrive as close to 8.40 as possible - the bus leaves at 9am.

Class 2

Welcome to Class 2!
We are the Year 2 and Year 3 children at St Kew School and our teachers are Miss Stephanie Taylor and Mrs Lindsey Mitchell. Mrs Paula Clutsom teaches us when she covers PPA time.

Stephanie Taylor

Class Teacher


Mrs Lindsey Mitchell

Teaching Assistant

Paula Clutsom

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Our Topic Learning
(Creation and Conservation)

Our topic this term is ‘Creation and Conservation’. During this topic, we will explore plants and their parts, microhabitats and conserving environments.

We are very excited to start the topic with a trip to the Eden Project where we will receive a workshop from the experts! Class 2 will be using ‘House Held up by Trees’ by Ted Kooser for our Literacy learning where we will be learning how to identify the theme of a text. Furthermore, Class 2 will produce descriptive non-fiction writing such as newspaper reports and life-cycles of plants. This topic lends itself to some great outdoor learning and we aim to make the most of the opportunities to learn practically from the resources we have around us.
We will then look at the topic of conservation. To inspire our learning we will look at a video explaining deforestation and the harm this can have on the wildlife that inhabits these forests. 


Our Learning this week

(Week Ending 11/1/19)



Happy New Year everyone, it is great to see everybody back at school this week.

This week we started our exciting new topic 'Creation and Conservation'. On our first day back we explored what questions we had about our topic with a focus on plant life. There are so many things that are puzzling about plants but over the course of the term we aim to unearth some of these! 

In our Literacy learning this week, we started our new book 'House Held up by Trees'. We first looked at what trees we already knew. Afterwards, we went outside and discovered what leaves are in our local area, we then investigated to see what trees the leaves were from.
In Science, we looked at the different parts of a flower and their jobs in preparation for our visit to the Eden Project.

In Maths, we looked at multiplication and division. The Year 2s focused on grouping and sharing as a method for division and the Year 3s looked at multiplying 2-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers.

At the end of the week, we had our school trip to the Eden Project! Class 2 had a workshop on Puzzling Plants which involved us exploring the Rainforest Biome and learning about the most unusual plants. The children were great at immersing themselves in the environment and had a lots of questions to ask Nick, our guide.

Have a lovely weekend.