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Achievement and Performance

Whilst it is only one measure of a successful primary education, we are really proud of the excellent progress and achievement that all of the children here at St Kew make. 
This is supported by the comments from our 2016 Ofsted report:
  • "The most able pupils make very strong progress across the school and within lessons. The work they are given is challenging and often individually planned."
  • "Disadvantaged pupils make good progress. Leaders use additional funding to promote their achievement and confidence."
  • "Pupils who have special educational needs and/or disabilities are making very rapid progress from their starting points."
Our Key Stage 2 SATS results for 2016/17 were well above national averages.  
St Kew % of children
reaching expected standard
National Average % of children
reaching expected standard
Reading 90% 71%
Writing 90% 76%
Maths 80% 75%
Progress measures show how far each child progresses, from his or her individual starting point. Therefore, regardless of a child's ability, progress measures allow us to see that a  school is making a difference to each child, and that they are learning and progressing well. 
Last academic year (2016-17) all years and all groups of children - boys, girls, SEN, Pupil Premium and Gifted & Talented - made well above the expected 2.5 points progress in Reading, Writing and Maths; in some cases achieving almost double at 4.4 points progress. We are delighted that all groups, from those needing extra help and support to those that are exceeding age related expectations, all achieve excellent progress at St Kew. 
A full comparison of progress and achievement for 2016/17 and 2015/16 can be seen below.